Apricot Kernels - Vitamin B17
and dietary recommendations for natural curing of cancer

Explanation of Vitamin B17: How does it work

Article by Edwards Griffin. G. Edward Griffin Apricot kernels B17

Apricot Kernel, the seed of the Apricot, is similar in form to the ordinary Almond, but small and bitter. The substance in the Apricot Kernel is activated against a cancer cell only when it comes into contact with it - and then it destroys it. For a person who has no cancer, the substance of the B17 that kills cancer cells will not be active.

Vitamin B17 doesn't really belong to the B vitamins, but the researcher who discovered it in the 1930s gave it the name Vitamin 17B. So it is not actually a vitamin. It contains a substance called Amygdalene, or by its more popular name, Laetrile.

The Laetrile molecule contains 4 components: 2 components of glucose (sugar), 1 component of cyanide hydrogen , 1 component of benzaldehyde enzyme. The 4 components act as a team: The glucose transports the molecule to the cancer cells that are always looking for sugar: the enzyme interacts with a beta-glucosidase enzyme found in the cancer cell, inviting it in and then activating the cyanide component that destroys it from within.

Just as there is a beta-glucosidase enzyme cancer cell that is the one that activates the Amygdalene, regular healthy cells have an enzyme called rodinase, and it breaks down the Amygdalin, so it becomes inactive.

This means that a healthy person who eats the Kernels for prevention does not pose any danger, and the advantage is that if there is a cancerous growth in the body, it is destroyed.

The Amygdalene, vitamin B17, is found in over 1,200 plants called Neutrophils. Available  in the seeds of several fruits: apricot, peach, plum, apple and others. Other sources of Amygdalin are: millet, buckwheat, wheatgrass juice, cassava, flax seeds, macadamia nuts, fire beans, lima beans, bamboo sprouts.

Apricot Kernels are rich in Protein, with monounsaturated fat and important phytochemicals. The nitrilocides are in the amount of 2%. Animals eat these seeds naturally, and it turns out that sick animals find the Amygdalin in the wild and get healthy by eating it. The Amygdalene is healthy for the mouth and works against ulcers, and is great for healing the digestive system.

Once started, there may be symptoms of body cleansing of toxins and of the cancerous substance. Therefore, there may be side effects as listed on the next page. This occurs when the toxic cancer cells are destroyed and the poison is released into the blood.

How to use Apricot Kernel apricot Vitamin B17

Source is from the following website: http://vitaminb17.net/cancer-protocols-and-dosage

Recommended dosage for Cancer Patients: Most naturopaths recommend eating between 20-50 kernels a day, divided to 6 times. 7 Apricot Kernels are recommended 6 times a day = 42 per day.

In case of difficulty in chewing or bitter taste, you can grind them into powder and sprinkle with salad or put in water or other drink. In this case, store the powder in the refrigerator.

Gradual start: Increase in quantity gradually. Start with 2 Apricot Kernels 6 times a day and each day add 1 at a time to the full dose. The gradual increase is intended to accustom the body to the kernels.

Possible side effects

Sometimes there are (not always) side effects that result from the body's cleansing process, with the dead cancer cells and their associated toxins being released into the bloodstream and the body. Therefore, the cleaning process is a healthy process and is indicative of the action of the material in the kernels.
 In the event of any side effects, a day break should be taken or until the symptoms have passed. Side effects may include nausea, dizziness, fever, skin rash, nasal fluid, diarrhea, insomnia, fatigue, muscle pain, constipation, mouth ulcers and Low blood pressure may also occur.

Recommended Dosage for a patient who has had cancer and is diagnosed as clean (especially after removal of malignant tumors)

Cancer has the property of returning to the body after a surgical removal of the tumor, or when the body is apparently free of cancer. To prevent the recurrence of the disease, it is recommended to take the kernels at a dose of about 10-15 kernels per day divided into 4 times a day.

Recommended Dosage for a healthy preventable person:   5-7 kernels per day.

Disclaimer of use results
It should be made clear that eating Apricot Kernels does not serve as a promise for healing. Eating Apricot Kernels is not known to cause any health damage, even if consumed concurrently with medical care. A patient who becomes healthy does not necessarily heal as a result of eating the kernels , a patient who does not heal, or whose condition is worsened, does not necessarily reach this condition as a result of eating the kernels.
Eating the kernels is the sole responsibility of the patient.


Nutrition and Supplements recommendations for cancer patients

These recommendations are for cancer patients. For patients who are clean and have cancer, instructions can be relieved

What you should not eat

General: Any food or drink containing sugar

• Food with sugar, anything sweet, including low-calorie (light) sugar and includes bread, pasta, various types of cornflakes, cakes and cookies. You may want to read the food composition on the packaging, or check online. Once it has glucose values, or if sugar is written on the packaging, do not eat.


• Meat

• Milk remarks

• Industrial processed products.

What you should eat

General: Fresh and cooked vegetables, especially greens, organic  healthy oils, vegetable juices.

• Fresh rich vegetable salad 1-2 times a day with olive oil and lemon.

• Cooked vegetables - For those with sensitive stomachs for fresh vegetables

• A tablespoon of olive oil, or a tablespoon of coconut oil 2-3 times a day

• Organic eggs, allow 2-3 per day

• Green vegetables: avocado, spinach, kale, wheatgrass, celery, broccoli, cucumber, white cabbage, cauliflower, green leaves of all kinds.

• Additions: garlic, turmeric powder, ginger - as a supplement to water, salad, or any food

• Potatoes boiled in water, boiled sweet potato

• Sprouts of all kinds

• The Nut Family

• Tehina (without pita!)

• Dairy - Allow yogurt

•Spelled bread

• Meat and fish: It is better not to eat at all. If eating fish, prefer salmon, and earting chicken, prefer chicken breast and turkey breast


- Water with lemon all day. Warm water is recommended.

- Celery Juice: Cut 3-4 celery stalks, put in hard juicer for squeezing vegetables, add fresh lemon juice, add a little ginger or turmeric. Drink twice a day on an empty stomach

- Vegetable juices - carrots, beets, greens - as much as possible

- Green tea

- Teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water on an empty stomach after waKening and before bedtime. Allow one again at noon.

- A teaspoon of baking soda powder in water about half an hour before eating

Preparation of water with lemon

1. Simple jug method: Fill a jug with water, add sliced ​​lemon in slices, let it soak overnight. In the morning you put it in the fridge and drink during the day.

2. Simple cup method: Simply add squeezed lemon to drinking water. To any water!

3. Best method:

- Scrape the lemon peel on the scraper and put in a jug. - Roll the lemon on a surface without the peel  to soften it.

 - Take out the seeds and squeeze for juice.

- Slice the squeezed lemon into slices, put in a jug and add water.

Soak all night. In the morning filter and drink during the day.

Recommended Dietary Supplements for Cancer Patients

- Vitamin C: At least 10 pills of 1,000 mg per day for those who are undergoing chemotherapy. Without treatments at least 5 pills a day. Excess urine is excreted. Vitamin C strengthens the immune system and blood vesels.

- Zinc: 1 pill a day in the morning. Its job is to lead the B17 to the cancer cells.

- Selenium: Eat 2-4 Brazil nuts a day. Fights cancer, cleanses the body of heavy metals, strengthens immune system.

- Turmeric. Powder or curcumin tablets. Allow up to 20 grams per day!
Powder: In the morning put in a tablespoon of olive oil + half squeezed lemon + half a teaspoon of turmeric powder. Drink on an empty stomach. Cleanses the digestive system. Allow 2-3 times a day.

- Chromium - GI chromium prevents cancer cells from collecting sugar. 1 pill of  500 micrograms after breakfast.

- Dandelion: extract or bulk of plant root: Put in a glass, add warm water and drink several times a day. Kills cancer cells. We recommend buying at a herbal store.

Products recommended to order from abroad online

- Pancreatic Enzymes: Pancreatic Enzymes.Recommended to buy from Amazon. Price about 45$ before shipping. Helps to absorb the uptake of B17 in the body and improves digestive functions in general

- Vitamin B15: Pangamic Acid. Costs about 20$ before shipping on Amazon. Enriches the body with oxygen and strengthens the immune system. Oxygen is the biggest enemy of a cancer cell.

- ESSIAC extract. Order from the Canadian website. www.essiac.com. An institute that has been able to cure cancer patients since the 1950s with a special composition learned from the North American Indians.



Self-healing exercises

- Easy Exercise: Recommended daily. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fxUCeOHiaDs

- Get away from chemicals and smoke

- Self Healing Exercises.   https://www.soulhealing.co.il/selfhealing

- Contact Daniel immediately for healing treatment and self-healing  therapy